Synopsis of The Porch Swing written by Debra Watson. (In progress)

Growing up in East Texas during the 30’s to present day, Marcus (white) and London (black) discover the true bonds of friendship and how the race factor affects their daily lives and everyone around them. Through the difficult challenges they face both socially and personally, their friendship is tested over and over again. In the south, the porch swing is a gathering place for heart to heart talks, music, new romances, or just plain ole soul searching.

Synopsis of Destiny in the Sky written by Debra Watson and Randy Jednik

During World War II, there was a shortage of pilots due to the heavy casualties being suffered in the war. American women of all walks in life from the ages of 18 to 35 volunteered for rigorous training to become pilots to help join in the war effort. They ferried planes across the United States from one base to another. They were sisters in the true sense of the word. It was an exciting time filled with romance, hard work, difficult living quarters, sleepless nights, dangerous missions and even sabotage from some of the men who were intimated by women pilots. We learn of their story through Grace, a young, spirited Midwestern girl, J.C. a hot shot pilot who calls her own shots, and 8 of their fellow women pilots.

Synopsis of  Untamed Souls written by Debra Watson. (Short)

Tyler is gradually becoming more and more hostile to his family as a result of the crowd he is hanging out with, especially the relationship he has with his controlling girlfriend. As a last resort, his family drives him to his grandfather who lives in the country on a farm. Tyler is resistant at first to his new environment but learns a lot about himself through a wild horse named Liberty. With the help of his grandfather’s wisdom, love and patience Tyler gradually makes peace with himself and his family.

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