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Pilot Season: To Go or Not To Go!

Many actors and parents of young actors ask if they should go to Los Angeles for Pilot Season. Pilot Season used to be between mid January and April sometimes lingering into May.  Five to ten years ago, if you had some decent credits, and a connection to an agent, casting director or producer, it could be quite the experience. With the influx of reality shows that are much less expensive to produce, pilot season has dramatically changed. It is almost non-existent. Casting for Pilots can happen throughout the year. There is no set time frame. Children, teens and adults spend major bucks to go to Los Angeles, pay for expensive lodging, headshots, and acting classes to hopefully get an agent and land that Dream acting job. The opportunities are very rare.  Your money is better spent studying in your hometown and gradually building your resume. If and when you do decide to go to Los Angeles, be 100% ready

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